A Revolution in Veterinary Imaging


Streamlining Your Veterinary Practice With MyVet Imaging Solutions

Veterinarians have long struggled to find ways to effectively communicate with the people they serve. Providing comprehensive and relevant information to clients is often complicated by missed phone calls, poorly understood voice mail messages, and other basic communication problems. Sending veterinary radiology test results back and forth between care providers, getting precise culture results from labs, and other handling the communication aspect of diagnosing medical conditions can also be seriously complicated by poor informational infrastructure.

MyVet Imaging Solutions has taken on the challenge of improving clinical communication between vets and clients so that the health of animal patients is kept at the very top of everyone’s priority list. The products and features that make up the MyVet Imaging Solutions platform are easy to use, intuitive, and make accessing meaningful information simple for care providers and patient family members.

Elevating Veterinary Radiography Table

Heightened Accessibility for Every Member of the Care Team

MyVet Imaging solutions makes high resolution diagnostic images available to all members of the care team available at the touch of a button. By utilizing cutting edge Zero Footprint smart phone and mobile technology, we have developed an interface that is simple and intuitive to use anywhere at anytime.

The heart of the MyVet system is the innovative Veterinary Elevating X-Ray Table, a diagnostic tool designed to be easy for technicians and care providers to use while also being comfortable for patients. The table is connected to the wireless imaging acquisition software, which rapidly distributes the new radiographs to personnel who request them. This is a fast and cost-effective manner of providing accurate images to veterinarians, diagnostic technicians, and veterinary assistants. Work-flow is immediately improved by cutting down on the slow physical processing of x-ray images.

The MyVet X-Ray Table system boasts many advantages over conventional imaging solutions, including:

  • Superior image quality utilizing cutting-edge digital technology
  • Wireless Flat Panel Detector made in house
  • Charging Bucky
  • Responsive foot switch easily controls table operation
  • The only Elevating X-Ray table for ease of loading large dogs

In addition to the revolutionary elevating table, MyVet Imaging line of solutions includes a hand held portable x-ray system to conduct portable imaging exams on small animals. Simple and easy to use, this handheld X-Ray system is battery powered and weighs less than 5 lbs and is comfortable to use. This is an excellent addition to veterinary emergency rooms and specialty care centers such as Exotics and Feline practices.

Improving Workflow Improves Patient Care

Exceptional patient care is the goal of every veterinary clinic; your team works hard to achieve this goal each and every day. Workflow solutions that eliminate waste, improve communication, and accelerate data collection play a key role in overall office improvement strategies.

Record keeping tasks can be greatly simplified with the implementation of a Veterinary Cloud PACS. Not only are images captured with exceptional detail and clarity, they can be stored and retrieved easily at any time. This makes follow-up, subsequent diagnostic analysis, and other care tasks much easier to achieve. Oversight is improved and the security of records can be enhanced with the implementation of this exceptional system.

Technology for Today and Tomorrow

Advanced imaging technology is the perfect complement to handheld mobile devices, making systems like MyVet Imaging Solutions the ideal choice for any modern veterinary care facility. Improving existing technology allows veterinarians and their teams to provide medical intervention to patients with greater speed and accuracy; patient family members are also assured of top quality care at every step.

With recent reports citing increased professional activity in specialty care sectors, including orthopedic medicine, top quality imaging solutions are going to be highly relevant in the coming decades. An investment today can spell success for practices in the long term.

With today’s best Veterinary Imaging technology your clinic will remain the gold standard for many years to come. Streamline your workflow and raise the standard of care at the same time with MyVet Imaging solutions.

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