Portable Detector Solution Components

14”x17” lightweight wireless detector with detachable handle. The 1417 Series flat panel detector is the latest in innovative flat panel technology. The durable, ultra-thin and light weight design makes it the most ideal 14"x17" flat panel detector. It uses auto-trigger signal sensing technology that does not require any integration into an x-ray generator. The advanced auto-trigger technology makes it an ideal solution for both fixed and portable x-ray applications.

  • Shock Resistent
  • Cloud
  • Wireless
  • Auto Image Rotation
  • Sleep mode
  • Light weight Durable Design
  • Built in Image Storage
  • Water Resistant
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Wireless Configuration

Wireless Imaging Acquisition

The 1417WGC/WCC detectors contain a built-in Access Point (AP) and transfers to a Wifi connected computer within seconds. When activated, a built-in memory mode stores over a hundred images for future download when a computer connection is not available as well as preventing image loss due to power interruption. Whether an image is taken in portrait or landscape position, it is displayed in the correct orientation by an image auto rotation feature.

  • Wireless Interface
  • IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz/5GHz) Dual Bandwidth