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Veterinary Digital Imaging

Our Wireless detectors give you the freedom, speed and accuracy that you need for diagnosis in the X-ray room and beyond. Thin, lightweight and durable, our wireless detectors offer true portability and flexibility.

Mobile X-Ray Equipment

The DR Portable package provides the ultimate in adaptability to its environment. In addition to standard equipment, optional equipment will allow you to further customize your workflow to meet the needs of your patients and staff.

Veterinary Intraoral X-Ray

Our Intraoral imaging system is the ideal veterinary digital imaging solution. It provides higher diagnostic value with superior image quality for precise and advanced intraoral radiography.

Featured Product | MyVet CT i3D

Myvet CT i3D

The new standard for veterinary computed tomography is the MyVet CT i3D, incorporating innovative spiral linear technology. The linear detector acquires thin image slices within a large field of view as the x-ray tube circles around the advancing table.

A large bore accommodates medium/large dogs and the elevating table facilitates animal positioning in center of bore to maximize image acquisition.

  • 3D reconstruction view
  • 23 inch wide bore diameter
  • Superior soft tissue image
  • Narrow slice thickness

New Products and News

This section shows upcoming events and the lastest news regarding MyVet products and shows

Equine x-ray

New products | MYVET CT i3D

MyVet Imaging is unveiling a new Spiral Linear CT system that delivers superior soft tissue image contrast with 3D reconstruction of soft tissue structures

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Events & Exhibition

In order to minimize our risk of exposure and spread of coronavirus, we decided not to attend remaining exhibitions year 2020 and we will meet you again at conferences and trade shows next year.

New partnership with SOUND


MyVet Imaging is proud to supply Sound® with its dental technologies utilized in this solution and celebrates the partnership which allows MyVet Imaging to contribute to one of many Sound® industry leading veterinary care solutions.

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Core Technology

We are a global manufacturer of flat panel detectors (FPD) for digital radiography imaging systems. We provide a complete line of high quality a TFT and CMOS x-ray detectors in a variety of sizes that are specifically designed to deliver a customized solution for diagnostic veterinary applications.

CMOS X-Ray Detectors

We have invested in developing core components for digital x-ray equipments. We now supply CMOS sensors for veterinary dental x-ray systems in a variety of sizes and types.

TFT Flat Panel Digital X-Ray Detectors

Since launching Xmanu171 in 2008, we have continuously developed and manufactured TFT based digital x-ray detectors for diagnostic veterinary systems.

X-Ray Image Acquisition Software

VetView Console is a console software program that helps to acquire, manage and process diagnostic digital radiographic images.